Frequently Asked Questions
What is Digitix?
Digitix is a new Primary Ticket Outlet. Allowing organisers to sell tickets for events using our platform but connected to their own merchant account. Digitix sends the tickets to the customers either in eTicket or by-post formats.
Is it Secure?
The Stripe merchant system is fully PCI-compliant and no card details are stored or sent over the internet during the transaction process. Similar to Apple Pay, the system generates an ecrypted string locally on the Digitix website and then that token is decrypted on the Stripe server in order to process the payment.
My tickets haven't arrived
The cutoff for by-post tickets is 6 days before an event takes place. All by-post tickets are posted no later than 5 days before and event takes place. Then it's up to Royal Mail. If your tickets don't arrive in time, your order can easily be converted to eTickets and your by-post tickets would then be cancelled and will not pass through verfication.
The Event is Cancelled
If the event is cancelled, you should contact the organisers as soon as possible as they would be reponsible for providing refunds under their own terms and conditions. Please check the organisers own terms and conditions before you commit to purchase.
I have Lost my Confirmation Email
If you loose your confirmation email, you can contact the organisers and they will be able to re-issue the email to you. If you have mobile tickets (via text message), these can be sent to you as well. There is also on online retrieval tool under 'Account' allowing you to retrieve your orders and have confirmations resent to you.
How will my data be shared
The organisers may choose to send you information about other upcoming events they may be selling tickets for as well. The organisers will have their own terms and conditions to as how they will use your data. Email address and text messages. However all mailouts contain the un-subscribe option as standard.
I don't have access to a Printer
Don't worry. As long as you are able to access your email on a mobile device, the 'Print this ticket' link in your confirmation email will automatically allow you to open a mobile version on your ticket on your device.


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