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Why choose Digitix?
Barcoded Tickets
A variety of unique eTicket, posted and wristband tickets available.
Mobile Compatible
Our mobile site is compatible with all mobile browsers, as well as our eTickets.
Low Fees & Upfront Payments
We offer fixed booking fees regardless of ticket price as well as advance payments on sales.
Passbook Compatible
Digitix supports add to iPhone passbook and soon add to Google Wallet.
Full Support
We support our clients through every step. On hand to call literally 24hrs a day.
On Site Crew
We can provide on site crew, equipment, construction & More. Sometimes at our own costs.
Selling Tickets
Service Rate
Face value below £15.00 6-8% of value
Face value higher than £15.00 £1.50 for first ticket. £1.00 each additional
eTicket Delivery Free
By Post £1.60
Ticket Delivery
We provide individually barcoded physical tickets which are ID tagged to your event. These are used for physical delivery, promoter street teams and distribution.

We offer FREE physical stock tickets for organisers with events listed with us.
Professional Systems Services
When it comes to on site ticketing support, we don't simply provide an iPhone app which has poor performance, fails in low light and slows down entry times; we only provide the best kit available.

Our site services division has multiple Motorola MC70/75 scanners, networked servers, fibre optic & P2P access control which is scalable from a single standalone terminal, to a multi system site with access points hundreds of metres apart.

Digitix is able to provide hi-end equipment to meet your needs and in most cases the equipment can be FREE of charge if the volume of tickets sold requires such a system.

We work closely with KD Productions who are a UK leader in crew, technical support and on site services for major theatre, festivals and corporate events.

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